Rental agreement between M&M Rentals and Renter

  1. That the renter has been so permitted, and is not disqualified by the order of the court of law, or by reason of any enactment or regulation in that behalf, from driving the vehicle.
  2. That the renter agrees to return the vehicle with all tools and spare parts at the time and place agreed on.
  3. That the vehicle is rented for personal use and will not be used as a taxi, to tow any objects whatsoever, and will not be given to another person, or be used in any race or contest.
  4. That the renter agrees to operate the vehicle in accordance with laws of the federations. Any parking tickets or other violations of the laws will be the responsibility of the renter.
  5. The renter is solely responsible for any accident caused due to negligence on his or her own behalf. He or she will be held liable for all damage done to any and every vehicle involved including this rental vehicle.
  6. Any accident or theft must be reported to the police and rental company. A written account of such must be submitted to the company within 24 hours.
  7. The rental company is not responsible for any injury caused to the driver or other occupants of the vehicle that may be caused by accident.
  8. That the vehicle will not be over loaded at any time.
  9. That rental company may at anytime and any where reposses the vehicle if it is used in violation of the contract or not in accordance with the law of the Federation.
  10. The renter is solely responsible for any articles left in or stolen from the vehicle.
  11. That the rental company agrees to refund the renter his or her full deposit providing there is no damage done to rented vehicle.
  12. Renter is responsible for gasoline.